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SUPERSPORT939  /S - Originally-shaped windshield "OM" 2017- SUPERSPORT939 /S - Originally-shaped windshield "OM" 2017-
The MRA original shape screen available in black, grey or clear with its lean dimensions of 33.5 cm in length and 29 cm in width accentuates the racy, yet elegant character of this super-sports machine.
€89.59 *
SUPERSPORT939  /S - Spoiler windshield "SM" 2017- SUPERSPORT939 /S - Spoiler windshield "SM" 2017-
The MRA spoiler screen available in black, grey or clear measures 34.5 cm in total length – one centimetre longer than the MRA original shape screen. The spoiler screen has a spoiler edge at the upper end to deflect the oncoming airflow...
€100.31 *