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MT-07 - Racing windscreen "NRM" 2018- MT-07 - Racing windscreen "NRM" 2018-
The MT07 is one of Yamaha’s most successfully selling motorcycles and an exciting Hyper Naked Bike. We also offer racing windscreens (NRM) from MRA that match this design. Their sporty look further emphasises the MT07’s strong...
€100.31 *
MT-07 - Spoiler windshield "NSM" 2018- MT-07 - Spoiler windshield "NSM" 2018-
The sport windscreen (NSM) from MRA is 8cm shorter than the racing windscreen (NRM) (a total length of 26cm) and further emphasises the MT07's sporty design with its exciting appearance. The accessory materials included in the scope of...
€100.31 *