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851 - Originally-shaped windshield "O" 1989-1991 851 - Originally-shaped windshield "O" 1989-1991
Shape, profile and size match yor bike's original screen.
€77.88 *
851 - Spoiler windshield "S" 1989-1991 851 - Spoiler windshield "S" 1989-1991
This type of screen matches the original around its base and, typically, is also similar in length, but the addition of a small spoiler section at its upper rear edge is normally slightly taller than standard.
€82.75 *
851 - Touring windshield "T" 1989-1991 851 - Touring windshield "T" 1989-1991
The Touring Screen has a similar shaped base as your bike´s standard screen but, typically, is longer and taller. Its extra length and height is created by an upwardly sloping rear section over its entire width, designed to deflect wind...
€82.75 *